Miller Clan Pugs was established by our family in 2003 on our small farm in rural Iowa. We were looking for a way to teach our kids about stewardship and responsibility while also sharing our love of animals and agriculture with them. Our family enjoys time together and we wanted something to do together to assist our kids in providing for their education. As a family, we became hobby pug breeders just for the fun of it. Pugs are unique in that they are comical, endearingly cute, and have a child-like presence that melts one's heart. Our family is just pug crazy. This may sound strange, but once one has a pug, life is just not the same. Pugs are therapeutic and one of God's greatest creations.

  As you can tell, we enjoy time together as a family and time with our pets. Our family enjoys raising livestock, pigs, cows, horses and sheep, along with our precocious and precious pugs. We desired to share that love for pugs with others which was the beginning of Miller Clan Pugs, offering
 Pugs for sale in Iowa and to those all around the country. We feel blessed for the opportunity to spend time together doing what we love...raising pug puppies! We hope our love of pugs will encourage you to become crazy about pugs too!

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