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Our Shipping Policies and Recommendation
Of course the best way is to pick up your pug is in person. However, if that is not an option for you, please consider these shipping alternatives. We have had great success with both.

Do you live between Iowa City and Chicago? Free shipping may apply, call for details.

Shipping option #1 Ground delivery
This service will pick your puppy up directly from our door and bring them right to your door. Puppy is watched very closely during the trip to see that all its needs are being met and that pup is safe and secure. The travel time could take from one to three days depending on the rout that must be taken.
Cost will vary, $250 - $325.  
Please note that once the puppy has left us, your puppy will be in the hands of qualified professionals with experience in handling live animals.

When making arrangements to pick up your puppy, be sure to schedule plenty of time for his/her arrival. The airline will require you to pick up your puppy within an allotted amount of time for the safe delivery of your new pet, please be sure to also have a backup plan in case of an emergency.

To ensure successful travel and pick-up for your puppy, it is very important to make sure we have the correct information on our paperwork before your puppy is ready to be shipped. We need to make sure the information (your name & address) coincides with information on your driver's license.

Shipping cost starts at $250.00, which includes a pet carrier with food and water, airfare, and health certificate. Arrangements for travel are made exclusively by Miller Clan Pugs. Reservations will be made upon receiving final payment for your puppy.

Flight reservations are dependent on flight availability, weather challenges, and rule & regulations of the airline industry. We strive to provide safe, fast, airline delivery using the most direct route of travel.

Shipping option #2 Air
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